Where to go in 2017: our recommendations

Where to go in 2017


  1. Erin Harris

    What a wonderful list of beautiful places to see. I’ve always wanted to visit your country, as a friend told me that it’s his favorite in all of Europe! And Blagaj–the Tekija–that clear blue-green water–wow that’s on my list for sure!

  2. LeAnna Brown

    Iceland IS so amazing, but sadly, it is becoming over run with tourist who are not taking care of the island like it shouldbe. Plitvice is also stunning and Croatia is so cheap! One of our favorite countries!

  3. Jenna Kvidt

    Great suggestions! You are giving me wanderlust, lol! I would love to go to all of these spots–Iceland is one of our favorite places and we just can’t seem to stop thinking about another return visit. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one place I’ve been wanting to visit for so long–maybe we will have to make plans to visit this year finally!

  4. Claudia Laroye

    You’ve really hit upon some fantastic destinations in this round-up, including some of my personal ‘must-dos’! I’ve been wanting to go to Montenegro and Slovenia for years. Your photos just confirm why. Hopefully we’ll get there soon!

  5. Milijana

    Hello from Croatia.
    I am glad to find my homeland on your list! 🙂
    Since I have visited majority of the places from your list, I would be fine visiting Iceland in June!

  6. Shane

    I am dying to go to Iceland this year for the diverse natural beauty! I would also like to visit Cuba now that it is available to Americans!

  7. durhamslovelifetravel

    Great list of recommendations, We will be going to Iceland, have been a few times before and it’s quite beautiful! Would love to go to Cuba, I think mostly because for me it has been forbidden for so many years. So many beautiful places to visit!

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