What to pack for a trip to Iceland

What to pack for a trip to Iceland


    1. Hugo Cura

      Hi Adam,

      Glad you liked it! As for camera we have a Canon 70D and a few lenses. 24-70 and 70-200 are the ones we use the most. Add to this the filters and stuff and it’s a bag full of equipment, which is not always pleasant. Also, we usually carry a couple of gopros.

      We’ll get an article soon with more details on this, but let us know if you have more questions.


        1. Hugo Cura

          Yes, of course! Almost forgot that. It depends on the trip but for Iceland it is usually better to bring a sturdy/sturdier tripod. We have a Manfrotto 190, which is a good fit and still very easy to carry around. There are better ones and in carbon but this one was a good choice quality/price.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Hi Natalia,

      You’re welcome!

      Summer is a bit warmer, which is good for camping. Although we never really camped in Iceland, from the conversations we had with other travellers we learned a few things, like: you don’t need full winter-proof gear, but a sturdy tent is recommended because of the wind. It can be chilly at night still!

      There are lots of campgrounds and you can buy a card that covers the fees for most of them. Also, keep in mind that the campgrounds will definitely be busy during July and August.

      If you don’t fancy camping, there are a considerable amount of lodging options available, but they sell out well in advance. Check AirBnB as well.

      Are you staying just in Reyjkavík? Let us know if you need any more tips.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Yes, Summer is the best time, especially for a first timer. Layers are definitely the way to go and you won’t regret being ready for the ever changing Icelandic weather.

      Winter also has its beauty, though!

      Hope you make it there soon!

  1. Mike

    Thanks for the tips. Taking a short trip in November to see the lights and and get some ideas for a longer trip in the future. Several tours, but plenty of unscheduled time to explore Reykjavik too.

  2. Mily

    Hi! This site is very usefull. We r planning to visit Iceland on August , 2016 for 2 weeks . Is it enough to explore Ring road and circle road? When will be good to visit … Early 2 weeks / middle 2 weeks or last 2 weeks of August?
    By the way we have a 13 yrs old son. Is Pizza available ?

    1. Breathe With Us

      Hello, Mily,

      Thanks! Yes. That is enough and gives a good amount of time to enjoy the trip without rushing. Towards late August tends to be better because the “crowds” are small as well. You need to book ASAP as it sells out well in advance.

      Pizza is definitely available but they should also try the Icelandic hot dog.

      You can check our main article about a road trip in Iceland: https://breathewithus.com/iceland-road-trip-ultimate-guide/ for more.

      1. Mily

        Thanks Hugo… I liked your blog . Actually I planned to visit Alaska this year but your blog makes me to change the plan. Now I am very very excited for Iceland . Looking for flight 12 August- 28 August or 19 August – 5 sept. We r nature lover . What do you suggest .. When we should book hotels? I “ll knock you please don’t feel bothered. Thanks again.

        1. Breathe With Us

          That is great to hear! 🙂

          I would say the 2nd option is probably the best. If you love nature, you’ll love Iceland for sure (although Alaska is equally amazing!). There’s so much to see and do. Again, take a look at the other article for some ideas.

          If you’ve decided to go, you need to book NOW! Lodging is very scarce in Iceland (except maybe for Rejkjavík) so you should look into it right now.

          Are you renting a car?

          Let us know if you have any other questions.


          1. Mily

            Thanks .. Yes we will rent a car . Looking for automatic car. I think Iceland is a treasure of nature. Can we use US$ or we have to use local currency for any restaurant bill/ entry fee ? We r from New Jersey.

          2. Breathe With Us

            You can definitely rent an automatic. I’ve done so there. Check Blue Car Rental.

            You can use your US credit cards there virtually (to use the automatic gas pumps you’ll a card with pin code). Cash needs to be ISK which you can exchange at the airport.

            We have family in New Jersey 🙂

  3. Benjamin

    Hi! I am very glad that this page existed as it really gives me an idea of what to pack for iceland. However, I would like to ask a few questions. As me and my friends are students are planning on a road trip for about 10 days, and on a budget, how many pairs of waterproof pants are recommended? As they are expensive, we would like to know an estimate number of pants. We’re going from 17 March till about 26 March.

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