A long weekend in Trondheim

Trondheim, Norway


  1. The Adventure Ahead

    What a spectacular way to spend a long weekend! The university looks amazing – how great it would be to study there! We appreciate you including the practical information as well as the amazing images. Thanks for sharing your story – would love to venture that way some day!

  2. Jenn Coleman

    Love the beautiful wharves and the access to Roros (sorry, can’t type in Norwegian) is a great bonus. I have visited Oslo before but never really got out into the countryside (except to get to the airport – lol). Your pictures make it look cold on the outside but filled with warm Norwegian hospitality.

  3. Chrysoula Manika

    Never heard of Trondheim before and I certinly didn’t know it was a former capital. It looks like a really beautiful city to explore on a city break. I particularly like the wharfs, so pretty and colourful like a postcard.

  4. Eric Gamble

    Very cool. The colors of those buildings along the warf are amazing. I think the cold often makes colors pop more. I would have loved to see your pics from inside Nidaros Cathedral because the outside look amazing.

  5. mags

    Trondheim looks so charming. I’ve only been to Oslo, but I would love to explore other parts of Norway. It’s such a beautiful and unique country.

  6. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

    Agree with you about Scandinavian countries! They never disappoint. 🙂 The cathedral is striking. I love the color of the stone with the gothic style. Your day trip to Roros certainly must have been a great glimpse into the local culture. The wooden houses look all clumped together in just the way a town would spring up because of a local resource or industry.

  7. lydia@lifeuntraveled

    I agree – Trondheim really does look like a perfect weekend getaway. I’m a fan of any town that is easily walkable plus those colorful traditional wharves look like they belong in a story book! I’m intrigued about the bike lift – how considerate of them to install that for the cyclists!

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