A weekend in Copenhagen: the highlights

Weekend in Copenhagen


  1. Rob

    We have yet to visit Copenhagen, but we plan to the next time we head to Europe. What a great city, so much to do and see. We would definitely use the city card as we have found them very useful in other European cities we have been to. We would have to go when Tivoli Gardens is open as my son loves amusement parks and that would surely be a highlight that he would not want to miss.

  2. Claudia

    I am totally convinced! Once I saw pictures of Nyhavn I knew I had to visit. Unfortunately due to time restrictions during our last Euro trip we had to choose between Copenhagen and Stockholm and we went with Stockholm because we found a better deal in our hotel. But I am determined to visit next time!

  3. Lillie

    What a thorough and rich post! In particular, Christiansborg stands out as a place I must see, once I finally make it to Copenhagen. That magenta room is spectacular!

  4. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

    Copenhagen has so much to offer in the way of culture! I’d definitely visit a few museums, like the National Gallery. The waterfront is so picturesque and I love the bikes. I wish NYC was more bike friendly. It would make for such an enjoyable way to get around the city.

  5. Melissa Jones

    I’ve been dying to go to Copenhagen for so long now! A friend of mine recently went and it just looks so pretty and picturesque with the little houses, castles and of course the little mermaid statue! Next year I have to make this happen. This is a great list to get started 🙂

  6. Nancy

    What a detailed itinerary – thank you for sharing. I would love to visit Copenhagen. The canals at Nyhavn look like a place I would enjoy exploring.

  7. Pilot Mark

    Lovely itinerary guys – thanks for sharing. Copenhagen seems like a fantastic city, very organised and well-kept. The photos of the Royal Palace bring me back to visiting Buckingham Palace in London!
    Looks like its about time I got on my bike then!

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