Valle de los Ingenios: a piece of Cuban history

Valle de los Ingenios, Cuba


  1. Vicki Garside

    Great pictures – the architecture is amazing but I would never had imagined such lush green landscape. It’s amazing how our perceptions of somewhere can change through the experiences of others – thank you for sharing!

  2. mappingmegan

    Sounds like a really wonderful day trip! You mentioned that people take private taxi – is this a cheap enough form of transport for the day? Or would you suggest a private car or train instead? I know you said the train isn’t always too reliable so am interested to know which method of transport you prefer.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Yes, but you need to negotiate and if you do it through someone else (like through a casa particular) you’re likely to get a good deal. Speaking Spanish also helps!

      The train is scenic but doesn’t give you flexibility. Having your own car is the best choice for sure.

  3. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

    Looks like you found an off-the-beaten path just outside of Trinidad! The Manaca Iznaga Tower doesn’t look as if it even belongs where it is! Has the bell tower always stood by itself or is there any evidence it was part of a larger structure? The Valle de los Ingenios looks pristine and perfect for horseback riding!

  4. sophie

    Valle de los Ingenious looks stunning! And so green! I’m in London at the moment and desperate to see a bit of greenery! I think i’d be a bit nervous about those stairs though – they look a little precarious! What a beautiful tower though!

  5. Bernard Tan

    Awesome Post! I have not seen this place before! It sounds like you have found an off beaten location! I realised that more and more people are travelling into Cuba nowadays!

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