Trinidad: a burst of colours under the rain

Trinidad, Cuba


  1. Lillie

    YESSS! Trinidad was one of my favorite places I visited in Cuba, and I actually have a bunch of similar photos to the ones you got, bringing back a clang of nostalgia! I didn’t, however, catch the shot that you got in the art gallery, which is just stunning. What colors that town has, eh?

  2. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

    This post is perfect timing! We are heading to Cuba in a couple weeks and Trinidad is on our itinerary. I love how colorful everything looks and the culture that’s there to explore and learn about. Visiting museums, listening to music, and enjoying the local people are the experiences that we are most looking forward to!

  3. Nisha

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!
    I have not been there and your post makes me visit those alleys and streets of Trinidad. 🙂
    Such lively shots!

    Does it rain very often?

    Strange-I have also written about Heritage sites. 🙂

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thanks, Nisha.

      Apparently before we visited, it had been a while since it rained. We were getting closer to the rainy season and that was just the beginning. It was still very warm and a full-day of rain is not very normal. It’s supposed to be mostly late afternoon showers other than anything else.

      Heritage sites are great to write about!

  4. Howard | Backroad Planet

    What a dynamic contrast from your Iceland posts I have read, Hugo and Cristina! As a native Floridian, I have lived so close to Cuba, yet so far due to travel restrictions. Now, I am hoping to change all that. Most of the material I have encountered online seems to focus on Havana. I never knew Trinidad existed, nor that it was a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your photos bring the colonial town with its bright hues of blues and yellows to life. As a roadtripper, I had not even considered the possibility of driving around the island. Now I cannot wait to read your Cuba driving guide. Love your work!

    1. Breathe With Us

      Hey, Howard!

      Very different from Iceland, no doubts about it! It’s because of these contrasting differences that we like to travel the world and get to know diverse places.

      Trinidad is one of the top places outside Havana that visitors look to go to, mostly because of its history and how well preserved it is. Fortunately, it’s not that easy to travel there, which avoids some of the crows you see in Havana.

      A road trip was by far the best way to explore Cuba!

      I’m sure during the next year everyone will be free to travel to Cuba, which is what makes sense. So, you’re basically a boat ride away. No excuses!


  5. carla

    You are right when you said the view from the bell tower is the best in town! Those houses are so colorful and you have captured it well! I also loved that photo with the old church and bright blue old car.
    Someday I wish I could travel to Cuba too!

  6. Natalie Deduck

    Love the photos, I think the rain give them an special touch, a different light!
    Trinidad is exactly what I imagine about Cuba, and what I would like to see when travelling there. As you say most of people flock to Havana, and there are so many place around to visit and feel the real Cuban way of living! Good guide!
    Happy travels

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thanks, Nat!

      Yes, rain doesn’t give you blue skies but definitely improves saturation of the colours. Which in this case, is great!

      Lots of places to visit besides Havana. People tend o underestimate how diverse and interesting Cuba is and only focus on a few places.

  7. Mar Pages

    There seems to be colour everywhere you look, lovely. 🙂 The lamps change the atmosphere too with its gentle glow. What a great last photo to end your post with, music not the least bit dampened by the rain!

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