Surviving Death Valley in the Summer

Death Valley in the Summer


  1. B.Ellen

    It is an amazing place. More spectacular than you can imagine. We hired the Pink Jeep while staying in Las Vegas. Having a guide is great because she drove and we viewed. She took us past an area at one point that looked pretty ordinary. We stopped at the same area later and saw colors that were not visible when we past it earlier. Copper and turquoise and had we been on our own, we would not have know when to go at any specific time to get some lovely photos. Salt flats are awesome–hate that word but it truly describes the area. Trying to imagine being in a covered wagon and coming upon this must have been devastating. It goes on forever.
    Totally worthwhile trip. Scratch that one off my bucket list! Also close enough to go to the Grand Canyon. Another truly remarkable site. The glass walkway is scary, I and have jumped out of a perfectly good plane, but this walkway is like nothing I have ever experienced. Scratch that one off the list as well. .

    1. Breathe With Us

      Beautifully written, Ellen!

      It’s indeed a magnificent place. We were stunned by its beauty. You’re probably talking about Artist’s Palette. The colour changes with the light and it’s great!

      We didn’t make it to the Grand Canyon but definitely thinking on going next time we visit the USA.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Silje Wulff Mosti

    We are looking on going there this summer, around June 21-23. Will it be ok you think? We are aware of the hot weather, and are bringing a lot of water. Do you now how it is to camp with a Campervan in the park? Or near the park? Are the desert blooms coming out of the valley floor by then? Silje and Kenneth, Norway.

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