Winter weekend in San Marino

San Marino Cesta Tower Before Sunrise


  1. Alana

    I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of San Marino until now. But wow, gorgeous! I’m sure trudging around in the snow wasn’t what you had hoped for but I am glad you braved it. The photos are amazing! What a pretty city!

  2. Megan Claire (@mappingmegan)

    Wow San Marino looks beautiful! It was lucky the weather cleared up for you – we had a similar situation when we drove to the Grand Canyon in the US – hit a freak blizzard and couldn’t see anythign in front of us expect white and fog even though we were standing on the rim!!

    I would love to visit here during winter instead of summer even though you might risk a snow storm. I think the snow makes the historic buildings look absolutely magical.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Buildings in the snow are great!

      We were quite lucky on the second day otherwise it would have been a bit disappointing. It’s part of winter travelling.

      What a shame that happened when you went to the Grand Canyon! We’ve been quite close (Las Vegas) but didn’t have enough time to drive there.

    1. Breathe With Us

      They have been a separate country for many years. The constitution is 500 years old! The fact that they are landlocked and quite small means they have to deal a lot with Italy.

      Monaco and The Vatican are even smaller 🙂

  3. Mar Pages

    Wow this place looks beautiful! I had been to San Marino when I was a kid on our way to Italy from Spain by bus. These towers are a fairy tale location and the snow made it look so magical. Now I actually want to visit this little place again!

  4. One Girl: One World

    Your photos are beautiful!! I had heard of San Marnio but had no idea where it was. Next time I’m in Italy I will absolutely try to go, even if for a day trip! Even in the snow it looks like an amazing place to visit.

  5. Ashlee McRae

    This was really helpful for planning a honeymoon in Italy in the winter. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Would you guys have braved driving your own vehicle if you had the option? Just wondering because we were planning on having a car but now sure of the road conditions in winter.

  6. loretta conlin

    Your pictures are beautiful. We are heading to San Marino from the US(stopping first in Bologna) December 2-4 then heading to Rome. What hotel did you stay in? Was 1 day enough time to see the museums and shopping?

    1. Breathe With Us

      Hi Loretta,

      First of all, thank you!

      Regarding your question. One day should be enough to see everything as the historical center is quite compact. We stayed outside the old town at a place called ‘Hostaria da Lino’ – not super amazing 🙂

      We also traveled from Bologna!

  7. Cassidy's Adventures

    Hey! These photos are beautiful! What time of year did you go to San Marino Exactly? January or February by chance? I would like to go in February but I don’t know if there will still be snow… let me know via email 🙂

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