The pyramids of Egypt: Giza, Saqqara, and Dahshur

Pyramids of Egypt


  1. Laura Lynch

    I really loved visiting the pyramids in Egypt. There’s nothing quite like crawling into the Red Pyramid and seeing how crazy small the tunnel is to the inside. It’s really incredible what they’ve done. Highly recommend this trip for everyone.

  2. authenticfoodquest

    Egypt has been on my bucket list for a long time and this article makes me want to book the next flight out. Very interesting to read that there are over 100 pyramids. I’d love to visit them all…including the most famous, Giza. Great tips on how to prepare as well the option of the guide. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Elaine J Masters

    Incredible finds! I love the idea of taking a tour to see and visit the ‘lesser’ pyramids. Don’t need a picture of me on a camel with the Giza in the background either. I’m not that kind of traveler! Thanks for the info. I do dream of pyramids in Egypt.

  4. Samantha Elisabeth

    These are such great tips! I haven’t really had a chance to look into Egypt travel and more information on the pyramids, so this was the perfect overview. Good tip about Egyptian Sidekick– I like that they have a “sidekick” to help with things! Beautiful photos as well.

  5. Claudia Laroye

    Thanks for the detailed information about visiting the Egyptian pyramids. Your photos really demonstrate how close the sprawl of Cairo is to the Great Pyramid complex! As you mention, it doesn’t long to get there from the city. I would love to see this last Ancient Wonder of the World in person!

  6. traveling9to5er

    Visiting the pyramids is definitely on my bucket list. I’m going to have to dig through more of your site and read more about visiting Egypt. It’s one of those places I desperately want to visit but am a bit concerned by everything going on in the region. Did you have any challenges when visiting?

  7. Nomad

    I enjoyed reading your article very much ! Egyptians are very hospitable and friendly nation despite all the badly politically motivated articles here and there. I recommend also visiting Luxor – it is literary an open museum with amazing history and beautiful scenes and temples.

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