Puffin watching in Iceland

Puffin Watching in Iceland


  1. Nancy

    You put together a great list on where to find the Puffins. I have always wanted to see them out in the wild and for now have only seen them at zoo’s or aquariums. Good reason to head back to Iceland!!! BTW, those are some pretty awesome photo’s you took!

  2. Rob

    We have never been Puffin watching, what cute birds. My son and I watched a Nat Geo show on Puffins and apparently they can be quite vicious to each other. They fascinated my son. We are planning to visit Iceland and we will have to make sure that we visit when the Puffins are there. Great photos!

  3. Mr Mike

    These birds are so cute! I keep hearing more about puffins lately but this article really taught me a lot! I can’t believe they mate for life and can fly so fast! Great info about where to see them and good to know that June is the best time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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