One day at Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


  1. Toni Broome

    The lakes national park is stunning and your photos capture that beauty so well. That rustic board walk disappearing into the trees has me wanting to hop on a plane. Do you know why they don’t allow any swimming in the lakes, they do look so inviting, is kayaking or water craft allowed at all?

  2. titi81

    I haven’t been to Croatia but I have heard about Plitvice national park.The nature and landscape is so amazing that I am looking forward in going. Thanks for the great tips

  3. arzotravels

    First of all: Amazing pictures. Really beautiful shots. I have seen pictures before and wanted to visit but now that is very high on my list. Upper falls or lower ones – I would love to see it all and stay there overnight for sure.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thanks, Joanna!

      The mountains that surround the park are part of the Dinaric Alps but the source of the lakes are 3 nearby rivers. These are probably fed, at least partly, by the mountains.

      It’s beautiful water… and cold!

  4. Rahul

    This one looks really good. Thanks for this. I am planning to visit Croatia next year. I am flying to Zagreb in the morning and then driving to Plitvice and stay overnight. That might give me a window of two days i.e. first day couple of hours in the evening ( I am planning to go end of May ) and second whole day. Possibly do it in the morning before floods of tourist arrive 🙂 This way I am giving myself some chance if the weather is not that great on one of the days… 🙂

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