A quick guide to Piran: Slovenia’s charming coastal town

Piran, Slovenia


  1. Megan Indoe

    Wow, Piran wasn’t on our radar until now. I really want to go! What a beautiful under the radar city. I love the architecture and it’s right on the water. I love the photo you took of Piran at sunset!

  2. Tamara Elliott

    Great shots, looks like you enjoyed it as much as we did when we visited! It was actually rainy when we arrived, but looks like you got much luckier with the weather. Did you make it over to Portoroz?

  3. titi81

    I have never heard of Piran before. What a hidden gem. Such a picturesque town it is added on my list now. The photo from Piran from above is incredible. Well done.

  4. Bob Ramsak

    Great to see more posts about Piran. I was born there an lived there for a year soon after I moved back to Slovenia about a decade ago. Glad to see you enjoyed your visit.:)

  5. Jenna Kvidt

    Looks like a really cool town–I’ve been wanting to make my way to Slovenia, so I will have to add Piran to our list of cities to visit! Tartini square is beautiful and I love the photo of the town at sunset! The walk by the waterfront looks like a great idea, too!

  6. Megan Claire (@mappingmegan)

    Piran looks incredible – I’ve briefly visited Slovenia as we were passing through further west, though didn’t have the chance to spend proper time. The views from the town walls are stunning, and the whole city exudes this certain charm! Thanks for the introduction to Piran 🙂

  7. Travelling Book Junkie

    I have heard wonderful things about Slovenia and would love to visit. We currently live in Northern Italy so are so close it really gives us no excuse not to travel there at some point. I can’t believe how similar the Bell Tower looks to the one in Venice, it is easy to see the influence that Italy has clearly had on the area. I love stunning views from above also.

  8. Ria

    Great read! Thanks for all these tips. Since I will go on a roadtrip through Slovenia this August I’m more than happy to read everything about it!

  9. authenticfoodquest

    Can’t wait to visit Eastern Europe and Slovenia in particular. Piran looks like an amazing place to explore. The water front looks fantastic for running and biking. Love the gorgeous blue skies. Definitively taking your recommendation to visit in May. Great pictures, would really love to visit now!!!

  10. Nancy

    I have heard lots of wonderful things about Piran – it looks like a beautiful destination in Slovenia. The views from the old city walls are stunning.

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