Petra, the rose-red desert stone city

Monastery, Petra


  1. Hugo Cura

    Hi Vanessa,

    It’s a very interesting place, the best known and most popular in Jordan. Amazing things to explore. Overall Jordan is totally worth visiting and if you have the chance, do it. Plus, there’s more to Jordan besides Petra!

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Hugo Cura

    Hi Jewels,

    Thank you very much for reading our blog. Glad you like it!

    Iceland is one our favourite destinations. Going there again next week, for even more spectacular landscapes 🙂

    We stayed half a day and a night at a dead sea hotel/resort and had the chance to float in the sea for a good couple of hours. A very interesting experience, but you can’t really swim due to the amount of salt.

    Are you planning on going to Jordan?

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