What to do in Peneda-Gerês National Park

What to do in Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal


  1. Skye

    What an amazing part of the world. I went to Porto in 2000 but I haven’t been back up that way since. It really is so beautiful and I love that there is some great hiking in the park and biking. The Nossa Senhora da Peneda sanctuary is one impressive (and slightly intimidating) building!

    1. Breathe With Us

      It’s not far from Porto and the whole region has really nice things to visit. And also, not very popular with tourists yet!

      Portugal is big on religion and traditions. This sanctuary is a good example.

  2. Laura Lynch

    Wow, I didn’t know this was the only national park in Portugal. It seems like such a wild and outdoorsy country. Peneda santuary is really incredible. I would love to see what else is scattered in this park.

  3. Christina

    I would never have associated Portugal with national parks. This looks interesting, especially the Espigueiros. I’d love a little more history about them. The scenery looks a bit like Scotland!

  4. Kerri

    I think this is a great way of showcasing what else is on offer in Portugal other than the cities and the oceans. Really enjoyed reading this different perspective.

  5. Mar Pages

    This national park seems perfect in every way. It really does have something for everyone. I think I could spend days over there, trekking, flora, fauna, monuments, espigueiros. But I think your first picture really captures the beauty of the place – the colours and contours of the mountain. I love this article. Thanks for posting.

  6. mappingmegan

    Thanks for the introduction to Peneda-Gerês National Park – I had no idea Portugal only had one national park! We’re hoping to plan a trip through Europe next year, so would love to include this in our itinerary. I guess if the country was only going to have one park, at least they picked a good one with a lot of diverse landscapes and attractions!

  7. effi

    hi, we are plannig to visit the park with 4 children (ages 4-14) for 3 days. which part is the best to focus and what activities you recommend

    1. Breathe With Us


      When are you going? With 3 days you have plenty of time to enjoy the park. Coming from Braga, travel to Vila do Gerês when you can base yourself. There’s plenty to do there, plenty of easy hiking trails, natural pools, view points, even a spa. All of this assuming you’ll have a car. Check out Mata de Albergaria, which is on the road between Vila do Gerês and the border with Spain.

      You can travel to see one of the biggest dams in Portugal – Vilarinho das Furnas.

      An alternative would be to spend or night in the northern part of the park, which less visited. Somewhere close to Soajo or Lindoso.


  8. Rachael

    Beautiful! Any tips if we have one day to explore before driving down to the Douro Valley? Is there a hike or swimming area you recommend most?

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