Monaco for the non-rich



  1. Natalie

    Ha! It’s funny that they have rules for tourists, but I’m not surprised either. I love your pictures and your article shows that, even for those of us who don’t own helicopters, there’s still a reason to go to Monaco 🙂

  2. Love and Road (@LoveandRoad)

    Explore Monaco for a day or two is totally worth! The principality is beautiful and as you said, super clean. The amount of expensive cars, jewelry, yachts and clothes there are overwhelming. My tip is: choose your best outfit and go for walk round the city! Nice photos guaranteed, especially at Monte Carlo Casino!

    Happy travels,

  3. Brianna

    Well dang, I had my speedo packed and ready to go for my trip to Monaco! It’s a city I’d love to walk around but I don’t think I could afford to do much more.

  4. Erica Villas

    Yup, the first thing I think of when I hear Monaco is definitely luxury and the rich and the famous. Great to know that there’s things I can afford to do here to. Such a gorgeous place!

  5. violetaloredana

    A dear friend visited, a few years ago, Monaco and loved it! I promised myself then that I would visit it myself sometime! Your article just gave more reasons to do that sooner rather than later. Great tips – and wonderful photos!

  6. Drew

    I went to Monaco last fall and had a blast. I did a little gambling at the Casino (lost my €100 too quickly), and had a few nice meals. Certainly not an easy place for budget travel, though gawking at the exotic sports cars and massive yachts is totally free!

    1. Breathe With Us

      It’s a really cool place if you like nature and oceanographic stuff. No, unfortunately pictures are not allowed. It’s worth because of the decorations and architecture. Just like a museum or palace…but with gamblers 🙂

  7. Joeography

    I love Monaco! I’ve been twice, both times were for the F1 Grand Prix! The atmosphere is incredible! you’re absolutely right though, you don’t have to be rich to enjoy Monaco and her beauty!

  8. Psychic Nest

    Hi Hugo and Cristina,

    What a fantastic post! I have never visited Monaco because of that idea that it is only for those who are wealthy. After reading your experience, I can safely say that I will have second thoughts visiting. Thank you!


  9. Len

    A great article for anyone not in the rich, jet set crowd wanting to visit Monaco. Very informative. I gave it a shout out on my Facebook page and Twitter.

  10. Katie

    I’m going to Monaco this September for 2 night well a day and a half by the time I get there but so looking forward to following your ideas! Already have a fancy dress that I wear to the theater picked out for the casino 🙂 Thanks for all the advice!

  11. Jeremy

    Monaco is such an interesting place. Great to read your story of visiting as we did, not from a mega yacht, but from an everyday perspective. The crazyist thing was driving parts of the Monaco F1 circuit, as these are just the local streets; Lots of fun even at 20 mph.

    Great photos, just wandering around the city and taking photos is an experience in and of itself.

    We went into the Casino, but from my recollection it was rich man’s money just to buy a seat at a table. Though seeing the exotic sports / supercars cars out front of the Casino were fun. We saw what looked like a MacLaren in
    a gold color.

    Thanks for posting the pictures. A must for anyone who is going to be in the south of France or close by.

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