One day visit to Liechtenstein



  1. Kris & Tony

    Thanks for a nice list of tips for places to visit in Liechtenstein. We’re traveling there next week. Do you think a couple of hours is enough for this, if you’re quick? It looks like a beautiful country but the scenary is probably the same as in Switzerland and Austria?

    1. Breathe With Us

      Hi, guys!

      If you’re super quick, yes. For example, head up to the castle and see the views from there and take a stroll around the tiny centre of Vaduz.

      Scenery wise it’s very identical, alpine kind of landscape.

  2. Shikha Mathews

    Hi there,
    I was reading your report and wanted to know if there is a way we can park our car and walk over to Liechtenstein from Switzerland? Our rental company does not allow us to take the car there. Can you see the castle from the border?

    1. Breathe With Us


      You can definitely walk from Switzerland but I’m not sure where you can park. There are a few bridges, including pedestrian ones.

      You should be able to see the castle from far but it’s much better from up close.

      Quite strange that your rental car doesn’t let you take the car. Liechtenstein shares a lot with Switzerland and driving there is trouble-free.


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