The road to Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar, Iceland


    1. Hugo Cura

      Definitely worth visiting! If you’re into doing some hiking, there’s plenty to do and enjoy over there. Mind the “roads” and the short season it stays accessible due to the harsh weather.

  1. Mily

    Wow!! What a view!! I think we should visit this place too. We r renting a car . What do you suggest should we drive by myself or take a bus tour?
    You are a good photographer. I use 60d canon. Do you prefer auto mode or any specific mode?

    1. Breathe With Us

      Hello, Mily,

      This is a highly sought after highlands place in Iceland. Quite stunning.

      Both options exist. You can drive there using a 4×4 (and using road 208 there are no rivers to cross) or get the Bus. This is only accessible from June September. Buses only run during that period, a few times a day.

      We tend to use mostly manual photography or at least aperture priority.


  2. Candy Feng

    Thank you for the wonderful trip report. I subscribed to your website recently and have been enjoying your photos and travel tips. I am going to Iceland in end of May and very interested in visiting Landmannalaugar from the north. Can you tell me how long is the drive on the F 208 from the north to the camp site? I am glad to hear that the journey there was beautiful. Our family hired a superjeep 2 years ago to visit Landmannalaugar from south via F208. I remembered the journey was very long and rough and in between there was nothing to admire. I cannot wait to visit Landmannalaugar again from the north if the journey is beautiful and not too long. Thanks in advance for your comments.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thank you, Candy!

      The journey is beautiful for sure!

      It takes an hour to an hour and a half (to be on the safe side), starting from where road 32 meets road 26. The problem with visiting at the end of May is that the road will be closed. The average opening date is mid-June.

      How was it from the south? In terms of river crossings? We want to try that as well, maybe next year.


      1. Candy Feng

        Thanks, Hugo, for reminding me about the road condition and weather.
        In response to your question, I would not recommend the route from the south to Landmannalaugar from my own personal experience. The journey was at least 2.5hrs long from Seljalandsfoss location and there was nothing worth looking along the way. I recalled only the bumpy dusty road and maybe 1 or 2 river crossings. The whole journey was long and boring until our arrival at Landmannalaugar. I however highly recommend the journey to Thorsmork which was full of excitement and interesting diverse sceneries. There are quite a few river crossings and the last one Krossa river is very challenging and dangerous to cross. But I can assure you that the sceneries along the way are much more interesting. Having said that, I will never attempt to cross the last river without a superjeep and a skilled driver.

  3. Candy Feng

    Sorry, Hugo. I think I misunderstood you when you said visiting from Landmannalaugar from the north. I took it literally as from North Iceland. I remembered the route we took starting from Seljalandsfoss but it was not pretty for sure. In the near future, I will drive myself via the route you suggested knowing that there is no river crossing and plus the beautiful sceneries to be had. Thanks for sharing your travel with us. Keep more coming.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Ah! From the north of Landmannalaugar! Road 208 is usually referred to as North or South depending where you coming from. So, it looks like you did part of that but also F225 approaching from the west and then joining 208 which starts a bit further north but not a lot.

      Yes, so this section of 208 has no river crossings. It’s a bit bumpy but well worth it!

      Heading to Thorsmork in June! Really looking forward to it. Taking the bus because of that crazy river crossing!

      1. Candy Feng

        When you go to Thorsmork, make sure to hike Stakkholtsgjá canyon. It is the stop before Thorsmork. The canyon is out of this world beautiful. There are quite a few streams to cross; therefore, bring hiking sticks to help with balancing. Look forward to reading your trip report.

  4. Ros

    Hugo, i cant open the site that you give me i have to wait for my husband i forgot my password lol. Anyway i was on the google map earlier and Ill start from Pjódvegur to Landmannalaugar which is near town Hella the map took me to Landmannaleió and if you try to look its all green its like shortcut to landmannalaugar if i will not turn i Will end up taking the f26 then f208 then f224 then the Landmannalaugar. And where is that geothermal that you guys pass?.

  5. Ros

    I saw the map from Reykjavik looks like on the 32 lots of water of do i have to cross the bridge? Or its nearby We’re renting 4×4 dacia duster i hope thats enough to highland..

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