Jordan travel itinerary

Jordan Travel Itinerary


  1. LeAnna

    I’ve been fascinated with traveling in the Middle East lately. We’ve done India, but I’ve been eyeing places like Israel and Jordan for awhile. I think it would be amazing to go to a place so different from what we are used to…and the history! It’d be awesome. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!

  2. Elaine J Masters

    So much great information. Thanks for detailing all this. I know that I’ll have to pick and choose when I finally get to Jordan, so this helps. Love the pictures too. Petra by candlelight looks magical.

  3. arzotravels

    Jordan is on my list. However, normally I had just Petra/Wadi Rum on it so I really appreciate your info about other places to visit as well. It seems Jordan has a lot to offer.

  4. galanda23

    Petra has been on my list for a long, long time. Before reading your post I though this region is off limits because of the turmoil in the area. From what I understand however, it’s pretty safe. I’d love to visit the baptism site as well. It must be quite an experience being there.

  5. WanderingCarol

    I was at the Dead Sea in Israel last November and looked out over Jordan, wishing I had time to go over. This article really explains how to do it – how I’d love to see Petra and the Madaba Mosaic (which I’d never heard of).

  6. Mar Pages

    This is a great itinerary! Jordan is definitely a must see for anyone looking for a unique trip. I have to make it a point to visit Petra by Night, looks simply enchanting.

  7. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie

    Petra is something I’d love to see. You’ve laid out such a clear itinerary with great tips for customizing depending on the length of time you have. So interesting they have a special police force for tourists. Although, I would imagine keeping the country out of the trouble in the region is a priority for the people living there, as well as for visitors, too.

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