Iceland: the land of waterfalls

Iceland Waterfalls


  1. Girl Out-of-Bounds

    I loved seeing the different waterfalls in Iceland. My favourite was Gljúfrabúi, a hidden waterfall near Seljalandsfoss that we found out about from our minibus driver.

  2. mags

    I had a brief stopover in Iceland, but I didn’t really get out of Reykjavik. I need to go back and explore a bit. Your photos are gorgeous.

    1. Breathe With Us

      No kidding here! And there are more.. we shall write about them soon.

      Wow air had a really nice promo going on from what I’ve heard. Also, Icelandair’s stopover is also quite popular! Look into it.

  3. Monica

    I heard about it! That there’re so many waterfalls that whatever kind of a waterfall you like you’re going to find it there.
    Personally, I like the photo of Seljalandsfoss most 🙂

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