How we plan our trips (and how we can help you plan yours)

How we plan our trips


  1. Susan

    A great read about travel planning.

    For a view from pensioners who don’t have so many time constraints I have some thoughts in my blog on practicalities for a 7-week road trip through 12 countries in Europe in summer 2015 and my blog on practicalities for a 3-month round the world trip to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Samoa, American Samoa and the USA August to November 2016.

    Like you we find to be the best site for accommodation, but must try airbnb some time.

  2. televisionofnomads

    Looks like we have some of the same favorite planning tools! I swear by Skyscanner, good prices are a huge factor in deciding where we’ll go next. Technology makes it so easy to find out info, but also sometimes it can make it overwhelming, too!

  3. Drew

    if you like Google Flight, you should try ita matrix. More complicated, but its the best way to find some crazy deals. I also tend to use Google Flight and Skyscanner as well. The ability to search to “Everywhere” on Skyscanner is awesome! Book so many trips that way.

  4. Claudia Laroye

    Thanks for sharing some great tips here! We use many of the same travel planning sites, including FlightHub, where we’ve booked some great fares without issues (so far). Totally agree about the importance of travel insurance, especially for health coverage while travelling to the United States – it’s a must.

  5. authenticfoodquest

    From the outside, travel looks fun and easy. This wonderful post breaks down the process and makes it attainable. One thing you are absolutely right about, is never to leave home without travel insurance. Good luck with the travel planning services.

  6. Lydia@LifeUntraveled

    I enjoy doing research about everything on a chosen destination but we don’t really book any accommodation in advance except for the first night. I think it’s key to remember that traveling is very personal and each person travels differently but we all can take advantage of the wide range of information from different sources.

  7. Christopher

    Great tips. I love when I see other travel bloggers using the same tools it makes me feel like I’m doing the right things…lol. At the same time I like learning new apps and tech to travel. I’m a huge fan of short Trips…

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