Hiking in Thórsmörk on a day trip

Hiking in Thórsmörk


  1. Tom

    Whenever I see anything about Iceland, there are the waterfalls. I love that you actually for once showed the beautiful rivers as well! What food to you get in those Volcano Huts?

  2. Kate Brissette

    I love the idea of visiting somewhere that is hard to get to 🙂 Makes it seem like such a special and rewarding experience! This place looks just like that. Beautiful photos, great tips on how to get there, helpful reviews of the different trails. Thank you!

  3. Patricia Steffy (@PLSteffy)

    My husband loves hiking, and these views show some amazing sights! I know he would love it. I’m a newbie hiker, so we couldn’t go together on the longer hikes, but the shorter ones we could manage. I wouldn’t mind trying on of the super jeep tours to get into the area — that sounds like fun, although probably a bit of a rough ride. Must add this to the list if Iceland is in the cards for us next year. Thanks for sharing!

  4. authenticfoodquest

    How beautiful and so peaceful. Your shots of Thórsmörk are incredible. Iceland has been on my list for years and I really need to get there soon. This is yet another reason to visit soon 🙂

  5. Paige Wunder

    Oh my gosh! I missed this on my travels to Iceland, but when I go back (not in winter) I want make this trek for sure. My husband and I are avid hikers, so this will be a perfect stop for the two of us! That canyon is stunning!

  6. Pilot Mark

    What a fantastic looking hike. One of Iceland´s selling points is its incredible array of landscapes that seem to go on forever. I love a challenge and these hikes look like the perfect way to get to know this fascinating country.

  7. Meg Jerrard

    Thanks for the overview of short hikes – we did the Laugavegur, but obviously that’s not a short one! A four day trek but one I definitely recommend. If I may add something for hikers to Iceland to consider, please don’t make cairns (those carefully arranged piles of stones you see along the tracks). Ancient cairns are a natural part of the cultural landscape but it’s become an increasing problem that tourists are deciding to stack rocks to build their own.

    These “tourist cairns” are popping up, and it is destroying the natural environment, as well as misdirecting hikers as they’re also used as trail markers 🙂

  8. Ollie

    My friend found few days ago tickets to Iceland, very chep one. We almost decided to buy them, cause Iceland is one of the places I just have to visit, but we realized that there will be no green grass, not even snow, just mud at this time (November) I have to wait some more!

  9. Riaan

    Hi, Looks amazing.. if we leave the 4×4 rental car at the parking before crossing Krossá river how far before the Tindfjöll circle route starts ?

  10. Indi

    The article was really helpful and the pics are mind-blowing ! I have a few questions, since we are debating whether to plan a hike ourselves or go with a tour company.

    1. Do the buses drop us at the Volcano Hut ?
    2. How do we get the Thorsmork hiking trails map ahead to plan the hiking route ?
    3. Are the routes marked in any way ? Are the hiking paths clearly marked ?

    Thanks !

    1. Breathe With Us



      Regarding your questions.

      1) yes
      2) you can buy one there (cheap). You can also get maps.me on your phone since it has all the marked trails.
      3) There quite a few signs. I wouldn’t say they’re always clearly marked but easyish to follow.


  11. Michele

    Thank you for sharing your details and beautiful pics!
    We’re planning on hiking this same area the first week of June. Will the grass have turned green yet or should we go the third week of June if we have the opportunity?
    Thanks so much,

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