Highlights from our trip to Cuba

Highlights trip Cuba


    1. Hugo Cura

      It’s super interesting. It was our first time in the Caribbean as well which contributes a lot to some of the things we highlight about the country.

      Overall it was one of the most interesting experiences we’ve had so far. Totally different from anything.

      Things are getting easier for US citizens to go there. You should definitely try to fit a trip to Cuba in your travel plans for the next few years.

  1. Mellissa Williams

    My husband really wants to go to Cuba before it changes too much now that it is easier to get there for US citizens. I am glad you felt safe there, I wondered if there were any safety issues and thanks for the heads up about the hustlers. The music and the food sound amazing too 🙂

  2. jmsd2igs

    Great insights, with the good and the bad explained. Haven’t read anything about hustlers in any other blog post. Kudos for that. Hubby and I would like to make it to Cuba before it’s overrun with tourism. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Breathe With Us

      Hustlers are more of a problem when you travel independently to Cuba. If you’re with a guide, they won’t bother you. Havana and the beach resorts are already quite popular. Outside these, it’s empty or close to it.

  3. Escaping Abroad

    No GPS allowed!? That’s wack … hopefully they loosen up on that one soon.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Cuba.. those beaches and vintage cars alone would be worth the trip! As a United States citizen we’ve always had that barrier restricting us from going.. but it looks like we’ll be able to shortly and I can’t wait 🙂

    1. Breathe With Us

      They most certainly will. The road signs are very limited and it’s a puzzle trying to follow a map! If the car rental business increases, they will have to make some changes to accommodate that.

      The beaches are top notch and the vintage cars are one of the biggest reasons people travel to Cuba! But there’s so much more 🙂

      Soon, there will be no restrictions for US citizens.

    1. Breathe With Us

      It is very much so. They are slowly “fixing” some of the historical buildings throughout the country, but it will always feel like you are back in time.

      Once the restrictions loosen up even more, Americans will definitely go there all the time.

  4. Megan Claire (@mappingmegan)

    So glad to hear that overall you had a fabulous experience! I think any place you visit you’re going to have to take the good with the bad, for instance hustlers and beggars are all over Europe too, so in terms of that it sounds like it’s just something you have to be extra cautious of without letting it ruin the holiday.

    Kudos for exploring the country by yourselves and not jumping on a group tour – you experience so much more of the true culture and country that way. And I’ve heard from a number of people that the nature blew them away, so I’m psyched that you got to experience that first hand 🙂

    1. Breathe With Us

      Yes, that’s true. It also exists in Europe and everywhere else, really. The difference is that having visitors is something relatively new to Cubans and some try to take advantage of the situation. The monthly salary of a regular Cuban is less than 30$. Normal cautions and some Spanish are enough!

      It was a big challenge going by ourselves, but we don’t regret it for a second. And yes, we were quite surprised and loved the nature part!

  5. Raymond Walsh

    I have so many friends who’ve been there and just rave about it (it’s a BIG destination for Canadians.) I’ll have to make it there one day. 🙂

    P.S. (Your site is finally loading for me now! Obvs.) 🙂

  6. Melody Pittman

    Snorkeling at the Bay of Pigs looks epic! I am so glad you liked your trip and got off the beaten path. I would be annoyed with the people trying to hustle me, like in Panama and Mexico, but staying with the locals would be really enjoyable. I need to brush up on my Spanish and expand my knowledge so I can get there, too!.

    1. Breathe With Us

      It was excellent. Just remembering the warm water, makes us want to go back!

      It’s a bit annoying and the best thing to do is ignore. English should be enough for the main areas, but for off the beaten path, Spanish is crucial.

  7. Gemma Two Scots (@TwoScotsAbroad)

    Great post covering some highlights. We too went to the Bay of Pigs to dive and cycled around Viñales. I don’t think our trip was as positive as yours. We felt burned out and the hustle was just plain hard work after a while. We would have loved to have covered the whole country (and we had time so could have been done) but the travelling was blowing our budget out of the water. I’d say that yes, Cuba is a country you should experience but maybe not part of a large trip like we are doing (18 months!)

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thanks, Gemma!

      Viñales is beautiful!

      Our trip was definitely positive, even bearing in mind some small episodes. Totally agree with you, we were a bit tired towards the end as well. And this was only two weeks. After those 18 months, you’ll need proper vacation 🙂

  8. Mallory (@mals_away)

    Now that’s a different Cuba trip! I only ever hear of people doing the all inclusive resorts or beach vacations. How was the food in the Casas Particulares? I’ve heard the food in Cuba is just okay, but maybe they’re better right from the locals.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thanks, Mallory!

      We wanted to make it different from the usual inclusive resorts thingy. Clearly, not our style. The beach is amazing, but far from the crowded spots like Varadero.

      The food was mostly simple but good. Nothing too fancy or spectacular. We did try a few different dishes and even some restaurants. The fruit is delicious, though!

  9. Vanessa

    Another member of Team Canada here! We haven’t been to Cuba yet, in part because we want our experience to be more than just a winter’s escape to an all inclusive resort. We really love history and I can’t imagine going to a country like Cuba and not getting to experience that.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Team Canada seems to be winning!

      That was our thought as well. Cuba has a lot to experience and we were quite surprised with what we found while travelling there.

      We highly recommend going out of the resorts even if it’s on an organized tour.


  10. Kim

    Thanks for your fantastic post. Are you willing to share a more specific trip itinerary? We are planning a Cuba trip for 2 weeks in March/April and it seems like you did all the things also on our list! We plan to rent a car and travel that way, so I am curious about the driving times etc.

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