The highlights of Havana: what you shouldn’t miss

The Highlights of Havana


  1. Stephanie

    I love your video! I’m trying to get more into video lately, and I’m almost finished with my first couple that aren’t just Facebook live or Snapchat Stories posted on the article. Awesome job! So inspiring!

    Also Cuba looks fun as hell. =)

  2. Luxe Adventure Trvlr (@jdomb)

    I’ve been dying to get to Cuba for years. My dad visited there in the 1970s when it wasn’t legal for Americans to go. His stories have always peeked my interest and I’d love to get there before it changes too much with all the visitors now descending.

  3. Ticker Eats The World

    Really wonderful too read so much about Cuba over the past few months. It truly is a country that needs to be seen and while I have not been there yet, it has always fascinated me especially since I love everything vintage and Cuba on the whole has a lot of that.

  4. Trisha Velarmino

    You covered a lot about your Havana trip and its all awesome! Cuba is such a beautiful place and seems to be in a process to rebuild everything. They have now various and new restaurants, hotels and art stores.

    Paseo Del Prado is a lovely walkway in Havana separating the old town and central Havana. I can imagine myself back in the 1920s. if Ill a do a morning or night walk here.

    Would also love to feel the vibes of Old square – the center of old Havana and dine to some good restaurants. Visit cafes and bars.

  5. Yvonne

    I visited Cuba in my second year of University. Unfortunately I was at an all-inclusive resort so I didn’t see almost anything of Cuba. Back then I used to ask a lot of questions about how it was for individuals who are living there. I met a guy who used to be a university Professor who then took a job as the entertainment coordinator at the resort because it paid more money.

    It’s a crazy story but when I was in Cuba our car that we rented was actually hit by a train. And we were taken to a hospital where the doctors in this small little hospital spoke absolutely perfect English. I have to say that Cuba is a country that has always sparked my Intrigue and hopefully I’ll be able to go back. I don’t know how it’s going to change now that Firdel died. But hopefully it will change too much

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Yvonne!

      For someone that stayed at a resort, you seemed to have experienced a lot. Sorry about the train situation but it seems that you recovered well.

      Change is coming for sure. Let’s hope that it’s a good one!

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