All about driving in Iceland

All about driving in Iceland


  1. Faye

    It looks fun riding along Iceland. I’m wondering if there’s an Inn nearby you could recommend if ever unexpected circumstances will come. Thanks for sharing anyway.

  2. Brenda

    Wow, I loved watching that video of your drive around Iceland, it looks absolutely magical. Thanks for the tip on Blue Car Rental, will keep them in mind when we finally visit Iceland.

  3. Christina

    It looks like it’s worth paying extra to rent a 4×4 as there’s plenty of off road driving to experience in Iceland. Those road signs are pretty confusing and it’s good to know what they mean. You could put them into a handy infographic for travellers.

  4. Global Brunch

    I just went on a road trip in Iceland this summer and this really is a super helpful guide! There are definitely a few things to consider before hitting the road in Iceland, but once you’re all set, it’s an incredible experience!

  5. Drew

    Great practical information about driving in Iceland. I’ve always wanted to do a road trip around the island, and would love to explore the F roads in a 4×4 (only in the summer though, of course!). Such an amazing landscape that begs to be explored!

  6. Bethany Dickey

    Wow! Definitely the most in depth post I’ve read on driving in Iceland – bookmarking for future. Unfortunately I actually don’t have a drivers license (sad, I know) but I love the flexibility when my family or friends rent a car! I took day tours in Iceland and renting would likely have been cheaper.

  7. Christopher

    Great post. Lots of amazing info. I can’t wait to come to Iceland and fly my drone around. Those car prices seem awfully high. Are they in the Euro there or do they have there own money and if so gown does it compare to the American dollar.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thanks, Christopher!

      You’re right, it’s not cheap. They use the ISK (Icelandic Krona) which is very valuable and everything tends to be rather expensive there. It’s still WELL worth going and you’d have a great time with your drone.

  8. Jun

    Hi, I am planning a 9 days trip coming Feb and not sure whether should self drive or not as have not drive in winter before. Also don’t know where to stay ? Should stay at one place throughout 9 days or different place ? Can advise me what’s best for my 9 days stay in Iceland. Thanks.

    1. Breathe With Us

      Hi Jun,

      February is definitely winter time in Iceland but it’s hard to predict how good or bad it will be. My recommendation for those that have no winter driving skills is to take it slow and always check the weather and road conditions online (multiple times a day). This means that with 9 days in the winter you’re likely to do half of what you could do in the summer.

      My advice for any trip to Iceland is never to stay in one single place. The country doesn’t suit that kind of traveling.

      For a 9-day winter trip, my suggestions is to spend a couple of days exploring the Snaefellnes peninsula and the rest heading (slowly) and back to Jokulsarlon.


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