The caves of Slovenia: Škocjan and Postojna

Caves of Slovenia


  1. Luxe Adventure Trvlr (@jdomb)

    We used to live about an hour from this part of Slovenia when we lived in Italy. We’ve been to Predjama and both caves multiple times as it’s a unique spot to take visitors when they come. The cave that runs from the castle to the show caves at Postojna is interesting but be prepared to get absolutely filthy. It’s a real spelunking experience.

  2. Elaine J Masters

    What a wonderful adventure! I love cave trails and that castle would be amazing to walk through. It reminds me of the cave dwellers in the Southwestern United States although their rudimentary lifestyle was far from as sophisticated. Very cool.

  3. Robert Schiffman

    Thanks for the well written post. We will be driving through Slovenia this fall and now plan to visit this Karsten landscape.

  4. Victoria

    What a beautiful place to explore. Your pictures are amazing and very inviting. The castle in the rock is fabulous.I haven’t visit Slovenia but I hope to get that chance anytime soon. Thanks for sharing these pictures !

  5. Christopher

    These caves look awesome. I love the fencing that goes around the perimeter of the rock formation. The gf is from Croatia and Serbia (ex-Yusoskavia) and she told me about the human fish and I thought she was me until you mentioned it here…pretty cool

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