From Aswan to Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel Ramesses II Temple Panorama


  1. Natalie

    I have never been to Egypt, but if I do, this looks like a place I would like to stop. Abu Simel looks beautiful, and I guess that the positive about Egypt’s current situation is that you have these temples more to yourself 🙂

    1. Alison Elliott

      I’ve been to Egypt several times and was lucky enough to visit Abu Simbal while staying in Aswan at the Old Cataract hotel. We felt perfectly safe all the time – Cairo, Luxor and during our transfer from Luxor to Aswan along the Green Road. The Egyptian people were wonderful – yes sellers can hassle you but they are trying to make a living and are so appreciative when you do buy. We are due to go back to Egypt in May and can’t wait

      1. Breathe With Us

        Hey Alison,

        Thank you for sharing your experiences in Egypt! We had exactly the same feeling when we visited. The hassle intensified a bit with the tourism crash but it’s mostly east to deal with albeit a bit boring when saying “no, thanks” a few times in a row.

        Have a great trip in May.

  2. Wandering Carol

    Stunning. I have mixed feelings about sites that have been moved, as I’m sure they lose a sense of place to some extent, but I’d love to visit the Temple of Nefertari. I wish I’d been able to see more on my trip to Egypt.

  3. Mar Pages

    Oh wow I had no idea that the temples had been relocated! It must have been quite an accomplishment at the time, impressive and so interesting. I guess the 4am wake up was all worth it!

  4. Veronika

    Egypt is classic.One of the wolrd oldest civillizations! It will always be interetsing to visit their temples and other monuments. Thanks for sharing by the way, I love you pictures.

  5. Valerie Dailey

    What an amazing site! I have always been fascinated with Egyptian history so Egypt is very high on my list of places I would like to see. Were you only allowed an hour there if the convoy left at 0400 and returned at 1100, with the 3 hr journey? That would be quite the trip for such a short time, but I’m sure it’s worth it. Why aren’t the guides allowed inside?

    1. Breathe With Us

      We were allowed a couple of hours. Left at 9 am. It’s the most usual way to visit Abu Simbel.

      There’s also the possibility to stay there for the night which gives you more time to enjoy the site. Two hours are enough, though!

      They’re not allowed because of the noise and also to make people move inside in order to avoid it gets too crowded.

  6. selphur-celosana-lv

    Thanks a lot for an interesting article. I’ve bee to Iraq and Kuwait some time ago, and although there is not much left from Mesopotamian civilization, I was fascinated by it. I really would like to travel to Egypt this year. Can someone tell, if it is safe there now? I keep hearing about a dangerous situation, but at the same time some sites keep telling that tourism in Egypt is actually safe. Any thoughts on this and maybe advice?

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thank you so much!

      Those must have been really interesting trips! We’ve just replied to you in the other article, but just to say it again, yes we felt safe. We didn’t have problems and visited all the main sites plus a lot of others. We had a great time and felt comfortable and relaxed all the time.


  7. D Cusack

    I queued for 3hrs to see Tut’s Gold Mask in London (1972). Next month doing Cairo (3 days) then flying to Luxor and cruse to Aswan. I’ll be taking the ‘red eye’ 3hr coach to Abu Simbel, Thank you for your descriptions they are most helpful,

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