A few good reasons to visit São Miguel and the Azores

Visit São Miguel and the Azores


  1. Bruno B,

    As an Azorean I can validate you have covered almost all the main reasons to visit the Azores (or at least São Miguel…). I would only add whale watching as it’s kind of a rare activity and the islands have great conditions to do it.

    Thanks for making me remember my home 😉

  2. Hugo Cura

    Hi Bruno,

    Cool! We really enjoyed our time there. Too bad whale watching didn’t work for us that time as the Azores are a world-class place to do it.

    Our pleasure 🙂

  3. Anne

    Can ‘t wait untill my husband retires from the Dutch navy, because the Açores are the most beautiful of all places we have visited, and in a few years we will immigrate to this paradise! Don’t forget to take a sailing trip on the ocean with a catamaran, with our friend Luís, search the internet for Catazores! Or ask in PD in the harbour! Great experience!

    1. Hugo Cura

      Hi Anne,

      Glad you enjoy the Azores so much that you’re willing to retire there! Amazing story.

      Just did a quick search and the catamaran looks great. Will definitely think about it next time we visit.

  4. Ricardo

    You explored and visited many places in Sao Miguel island (perhaps the most known and visited) but I assure you there’s many others that are real hidden gems ready to be discovered like all the northeast of the island.
    And for your stay why do not check the conditions, comfort and support offered by Tradicampo eco Country Houses (www.tradicampo.pt )? I’m sure you will have unforgetabble holydays…

    1. Hugo Cura

      Hi Ricardo,

      We’re aware the islands have a lot to offer and that we left a few things behind. Another reason to visit again!

      Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll take a look.


  5. Lynn

    We were fortunate to have just returned for sao Miguel! It is truly beautiful, diverse, lush, one minute we were walking in the forest with redwoods and then minutes later surrounded by bamboo! It is definitely a holiday where you can get active!!! Hiking was wonderful with incredible falls, forests, craters and lakes.
    I can’t wait to return.
    We had a busy 2 weeks and managed to fit in all that is described in this article except missed the chance to whale watch, on the agenda for next year!

  6. Hugo Cura

    Looks like you had an amazing time there! São Miguel and the rest archipelago are beautiful. Well worth a visit.

    Don’t forget to include whale watching for your next trip. It’s a very popular activity and if you’re fortunate enough you’ll get to the see the whales up close 🙂

  7. Sliva

    Hi, you made very beautiful photos!

    If I may add (as no one did) Sao Miguel is also a paradise for different outdoor activities apart from hiking and swimming also for surf, mtb and snorkeling. I think snorkeling at volcanic island next to Vila Franca do Campo, the Ilhéu da Vila Franca is a must!

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