7 things to see and do in Cairo (besides the Pyramids!)



  1. danik

    I have to admit, I don’t know much about Cario (besides that tourist attraction outside town – the pointy thingy 😉 ) – so after reading this, I learnt something new on what to do there. I heard not to drive there either, sounds like there is a lot of traffic jams everywhere :O

  2. Jenna Kvidt

    Cairo looks so interesting and beautiful! I would love to visit sometime. Thanks for sharing so many ideas for things to do besides the pyramids–I would really like to visit Cairo Citadel, the Mosques and Cairo Tower!

  3. savoredjourneys

    I would definitely never drive in Cairo. I was always so impressed with the taxi driver’s ability to navigate it all. The traffic patterns are a thing of mystery to outsiders. Cairo is a fantastic place to explore though. I saw many of the things on your list and had a really nice time there.

  4. Luxe Adventure Trvlr (@jdomb)

    Egypt has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember! I was really in to Egyptology and though I’m not really a museum person, I know that the Egyptian Museum will captivate me for hours when I finally get to visit. Thanks for noting these other attractions too because I wasn’t aware of all of them.

  5. Meg Jerrard

    Thanks for this list! It’s fantastic to hear that there are so many more interesting and fascinating historic sites and things to do beyond the pyramids – we’re hesitant to travel to Cairo because we don’t want to be disappointed by the experience which I think we’ve probably built up far too high in our minds. But knowing that there is a wealth of other activities and attractions would definitely help the overall Egypt experience 🙂

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