6 must-visit temples in Egypt

6 must-visit temples in Egypt


  1. LeAnna Brown

    This is just salt in the wound! When we lived in Europe (MUCH closer to Egypt than the US), it was one of my top “musts” but due to our current jobs, travel to Egypt was actually restricted and not allowed for a good portion of our time abroad. Sigh….one day!

  2. sherianne

    Great overview! The video was awesome, thank you for taking the time to create it for us. I would love to tour the temples and have started a list, bookmarking this!.

  3. Carol Perehudoff

    I’ve been so tempted to write a post about my trip to Egypt, only because it was so long ago and so whirlwind that I think I’d learn more by revisiting it, than by actually visiting it! This is inspiring because it’s bringing back memories of Karnak, Luxor and a few other destinations. I found Karnak quite strange and riveting, and Luxor was gorgeous.

  4. Vicki Garside

    These temples are incredible. Thanks for the reminder there is so much more to Egypt than the pyramids! I love old sites like these – they give such an insight into life in years gone by – it’s like being a part of history!

  5. Pedro

    Now you took me back in time! I visited these temples a long time ago and fell in love with them, especially Abu Simbel and Karnak. Unfortuntely I didn’t make it to Edfu, so I still have reasons to go back. Great one!

  6. Buddy The Traveling Monkey

    Going to Egypt is on the top of my bucket list. I watch documentaries and read books all the time about Egypt and it’s temples, so they would definitely be the highlight of my trip. I’d especially like to visit Hatshepsut because you can really get a good picture of how colorful the interiors of temples are, thanks to their renovations.

  7. Sally Lopez

    Thank you, loved your article and pictures. We’re going to Egypt in January for two weeks and will see all these sights. Can’t wait. Does anyone use an umbrella to shade from the sun?

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