3 days in Luxor: the world’s greatest open air museum

Luxor, Egypt


  1. erikastravels

    I”ve always wanted to go to Luxur, but I’m not sure I understood just how big the temple complex actually is. I always assumed I could visit the area well in just one day. Your photos are beautiful and showcase the enormity and intricacy of the temple. It appears to be incredibly well-preserved. I especially love the hieroglyphic reliefs on the temple walls!

  2. Christina

    Luxor is an amazing destination and three days would be just enough to scratch the surface. I’ve been once and as a fan of Egyptian history I’d go for at least five days. Did you visit recently? I was wondering if it’s safe to travel to Egypt right now.

    1. Breathe With Us


      Yes, we visited recently. It was less than a year ago.

      We believe that 3 days is a well balanced time to visit Luxor. It obviously depends on the time of the year and how much outdoor time you get but it should cover the highlights. For the most common visitor, more than 3 days will be even more overwhelming.

      We added some extras for a reason, so people can spend more time there, visit more temples, etc.


  3. Natalie Deduck

    Totally agree with you guys, “WOW” is the best word to describe Luxor. I love to travel through history, and I’m fascinated by Egyptian past and architecture. Great guide, specially for first-time travellers


  4. Alina Popescu

    I’ve always been fascinated by Egypt’s ancient history and religion. I’d love to visit some day, and Luxor is high on my list of things to see. Loved your photos and the information on less popular attractions in the area.

  5. Megan Claire (@mappingmegan)

    Amazing, Luxor is high on my list of bucketlist destinations – I’ve been fascinated by the history of Egypt for years. We’re hoping to look at options for Nile River cruises which take in a number of different spots including Luxor, but will definitely have to make sure our trip gives us at least three days here!

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thanks, Megan.

      River cruises are very popular still but not as much as they were due to the tourism downturn. You see many cruise ships docked in Luxor and Aswan. Some are still running and are definitely a great option. The Nile is stunning!

      We did a felucca trip on the Nile from Aswan which was a very interesting and different experience.

  6. Drew

    Would love to visit Luxor. Always been fascinated by Egyptian history and culture. Great tips and advice too for visiting the area. Your overview was super helpful for getting an understanding of the area!

  7. thewordhermit

    Amazing! Would you consider the off season summer or winter? Did it feel crowded? I’d love to visit this incredible spot, but I’m not sure if I could handle the crowds. Awesome post!!

    1. Breathe With Us

      Thanks! Because of the weather, the low season is the Summer when temperatures are 40+ and high season is the winter, especially starting from December.

      Due to the current situation in Egypt, the numbers are VERY LOW and you won’t experience any crowds like in the past. We visited in November and had really good weather.

  8. Horst Biebl

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your beautiful article. I will go to luxor for a week in may ( I love to take more time to really go deep into the experience). I would also like to go to abydos. is it easy to organize a trip? are there agencys that offer that stuff or do you need to go by train or taxi?

  9. Joyce Voyt

    In the late 80’ s I visited Egypt for three weeks and took in all of the places in the above article and then some. Going to Egypt was my dream trip. I concentrated on Egypt in college as a fine arts major and was very intrigued to see the real thing. I spent three whole days at Karnak and did not see the whole area! Everywhere I went left me wanting more! I spent one week scuba diving the Red Sea.UNBELIVEABLE!! Best trip ever of trips to many countries. Alas I ran out of time and had to leave, a very sad and unsettling day. Thanks for the memories.

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