2016, a year in review

2016, a year in review


  1. Jenna Kvidt

    Sounds like a fantastic year! You definitely fit in a ton of great travels! Iceland is one of our favorite spots and we were happy to return in 2016 as well–seeing puffins was one of my favorite experiences this past year, too! I’ve been wanting to visit the Balkans lately–maybe we will have to consider that for next year. Happy travels and best wishes for a great 2017!

  2. erikastravels

    2017 has a lot to live up to, as 2016 seems difficult to top! I’d love to see puffins in Iceland (been to the country, but I’ve never seen the cute little birds) and I’d love to return to the Balkans to visit some of the places I missed–namely Plitvice Lakes and Macedonia. I hope you do make it to Namibia in 2017, as the country is absolutely magical!

  3. Veronika Tomanova

    Great that you visited Balkans! I just discovered this region this year – Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia, all these countries are so much fun and also affordable. Great that you made it to Mostar, this city really amazed me.

  4. Buddy The Traveling Monkey

    I love to read about bloggers that are able to travel so much, even when they have full time jobs! Iceland is a country I’ve been wanting to visit since I was little, and this year I’m finally going to be able to go! The landscapes in your video are gorgeous and I’m so excited to see them for myself. Thanks for the additional inspiration and I wish you many safe travels over the next year!

  5. Beerandcroissants

    What a year you’ve had. So many adventures, so many memories. It’s always great, I think, to take the time out to reflect on the year that was. It hopefully helps guide us towards the new year and more great experiences. Enjoyed your Iceland video. What an incredible place.

  6. Mansoureh

    It seems you had a great year 🙂 we are not full-time travellers too. Same as you we take as many trips as we can. in 2016 we travelled to 8 countries. It is really nice you could make it to Iceland, I would love to go there in 2017

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