12 Cuba highlights from travel bloggers

Cuba Highlights


  1. Rob

    We have not yet visited Cuba, but will be spending some time in the Caribbean later this year. It seems to be a very diverse island with lots of places to see and things to do. The beach at Jibacoa looks fantastic as does wandering the streets of Remedios. I will have to see if our itinerary allows us to take a detour to check out what Cuba has to offer.

  2. Tami

    Enjoyed the variety of photos of Cuba in this post. I’ve seen a lot of city photos before (mostly Havana), but had never seen all the natural beauties, like the lake or the limestone cliffs. It’s good to know it’s such a diverse place to visit!

  3. Jenn and Ed Coleman

    Definitely most interested in diving with caving being a close second. We have heard that Castro was an avid scuba diving and did everything within his considerable power to ensure the health of his coral reefs.

  4. loisaltermark

    I wish I’d read this before my son and his girlfriend visited Cuba. These sound like some amazing places. I will definitely be saving this for my own trip there.

  5. Jenna Kvidt

    Lots of great suggestions! I would love to make it to Cuba someday soon. All of these spots sound great, but I especially like the idea of the waterfalls near Cienfuegos and Sierra Maestra Mountains–would be so much fun to do some hiking there!

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